GTA-10GT units are driven by gas turbine engines based on NPO Saturn modern gas generator of the product 77 designed specifically for marine and industrial application. These gas turbine engines performance indicators exceed those of most Russian and foreign products in this power range. These drives showed excellent results at Gazprom compressor stations.

The equipment is manufactured either in outdoor or indoor design and can be operated as stand-alone units or as a part of power generating plant thus providing grid-parallel operation. 

Rated power, MW
Voltage at generator terminals, kV
6.3/ 10.5
Efficiency, %
Fuel utilization factor (cogeneration), %
Gas fuel flow at nominal rating, kg/h 2 100
Overhaul life expectancy, h 25 000
Assigned life expectancy, h
100 000

Gas turbine and gas reciprocating power plants

Gas turbine and gas reciprocating power plants
Reliable electric power and heat supply to industrial companies and residential areas.
High fuel utilization factor: 2 - 2.5 times decrease of companies’ power consumption against traditional power suppliers prices.
Small overall dimensions of the sets allow for space saving.
Optimum environmental performance (noise level < 80 dBA, emissions < 23 ppm) allows plant installation in the vicinity of residential buildings.
Capable to run on various types of fuel: natural gas, APG (associated petroleum gas), synthetic gas, diesel fuel.
Outdoor and indoor design.

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UEC - Gas Turbines is an integrated supplier and ЕРС-contractor (EPC - engineering, procurement and construction) for production of gas turbine and gas reciprocating power plants and gas compressor facilities. The company provides comprehensive project implementation including equipment development and manufacturing, design and civil works, installation and installation supervision, start-up and commissioning at the customer site as well as both warranty and post-warranty service of the sets and their systems. If necessary, we are ready to implement turnkey project at your earliest convenience.

Comprehensive project implementation by UEC – Gas Turbines allows a considerable reduction of the customer’s costs and facility commissioning period. All works on customer site are performed by highly skilled specialists having considerable experience in installation and maintenance including those in severe weather conditions. All works performed are supported by appropriate licenses and certificates.

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