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GPA-16 is an automated outdoor gas compressor set (GCS) rated at 16 MW designed under the Gazprom cooperation program. The unit is aimed to replacement of obsolete and worn-out GCS and construction of new ones as well.

Gas turbine engines with high performance, such as  NK-38ST (Kuznetsov, Samara), AL-31ST (UMPO, Ufa) and PS-90GP-2 (Aviadvigatel, Perm) can be used as  GPA-16 gas compressor set  drives.

For the first time a gas treatment unit is integrated in GCS design to supply gas fuel taken directly from compressor inlet  to gas turbine unit.

The unit is pre-fabricated providing minimization of assembly pieces for shipment. Such design allows reducing transportation and installation costs at site. 

GCS enclosure allows locating gas turbine engine and centrifugal compressor rated at 25 MW with minimum modification. Integrated stationary cleaning unit for gas-air flow path cleaning and handling devices are available in the unit.

This gas compressor set stands out among the similar products in terms of operation and maintenance in severe weather conditions. All operational conditions – climatic characteristics, fire and environmental safety requirements as well as provisions for installation on the existing foundations have been taken in consideration in GPA-16 design.

Rated power, MW
Efficiency, %
Gas fuel flow at nominal rating, kg/h 3 175
Power turbine shaft rated speed, rpm 5 300
Overhaul life expectancy, h
25 000
Assigned life expectancy, h
100 000
Service life, years
Delivery period, months
9 - 12
Installation period, months
2 - 3

Gas compressor sets

Gas turbine gas compressor units
Gas compressor sets are designed for application at underground gas storage facilities (UGS) and gas transfer via gas pipelines.
The sets demonstrate high technical and economic performance thus maintaining fine technical level of gas transmission facilities.
All the sets fully comply with technical and operational requirements for gas transmission equipment and have an advanced remote control system with a high degree of protection.
The units can be designed in two options: outdoor or indoor.

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