UEC- Gas Turbines, JSC celebrates the 13th anniversary
On November 15, 2019 UEC-Gas Turbines, JSC - a UEC incorporated company (part of Rostec State Corporation) - celebrates its 13th anniversary.
UEC - GT, JSC (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region) is an EPC-contractor of a highly efficient power generating equipment for Gazprom, power generating companies, public utilities, oil and gas companies (design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of gas turbine units, turn-key construction of power plants, aftersales support of power generating facilities, equipment for nuclear and chemical industry). The UEC-GT products are based on advanced developments and superior gas turbines produced by the United Engine Corporation companies. 
  “Today we are celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of UEC-Gas Turbines,” said Oleg Rusnak, UEC Deputy General Director - UEC-GT Managing Director.  “All these years, step by step, in close cooperation with UEC enterprises, we have been creating new competitive products.” Through the improvement of work on the shop floor, development of a powerful design bureau and modern production lines, the UEC-GT team has been continuously gaining leading positions at the market.  Today, UEC-GT is proactive in the largest infrastructure projects in Russia related to gas and oil production, as well as gas transportation to foreign partners of the Russian Federation.   Within 13 years, UEC-GT has manufactured 426 units with total capacity of more than 5 GW. During these years, the production output has increased by more than five times. 
UEC–GT offers a wide range of gas compressor units and power plants of various capacities to its customers:
  • Power generating gas turbine sets rated at  2.5 to 25 MW (with gas turbine drives manufactured by UEC incorporated companies - UEC-Saturn, UEC-Perm Engines, UMPO, Kuznetsov.)
  • Gas compressor sets rated at 4 to 25 MW (with gas turbine drives manufactured by UEC incorporated companies).
  • Gas reciprocating generator sets rated at 1 to 4 MW.
The company has 12% share of supplies to the Russian market for this kind of equipment.
Gazprom is a key partner of UEC-GT.  Today, Gazprom has been supplied with 172 gas compressor sets and 57 power generating sets with total output 2 500 MW with gas turbine drives manufactured by UEC companies. The company supplies gas compressor units for construction of Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines, Turkish Stream, and Power of Siberia. UEC-GT equipment is used at Gazprom key projects as stand-alone power plants, main gas transportation and underground gas storage infrastructure.
The company also facilitates cooperation with oil companies (Rosneft, Lukoil,  Gazprom Neft, Surgutneftegas, NOVATEK and others are among the partners of the company) offering gas compressor sets and power generating plants capable of using associated petroleum gas as fuel.
Historical Background: The company was set up in 2006 as a result of spin-off of NPO-Saturn direction for industrial programs into Saturn – Gas Turbines, JSC. In 2009 Saturn – Gas Turbines, JSC was defined as a general contractor of United Engines Corporation (Energy and Industry Programs Division) for manufacturing power generating  and gas compressor sets with gas turbine drives manufactured by UEC companies.  In 2014 the name of the company was changed to UEC - Gas Turbines, Joint Stock Company (UEC-GT, JSC).