UEC presented 120 MW combined-cycle power plant at INNOPROM
United Engine Corporation (part of the Rostec State Corporation) displayed PGU-120 combined-cycle power plant model (CCPP) illustrating Saki CHP renovation project in Crimea (total output of the plant is 120 MW, 2 PGU-60 units).
Two GTA-25 automated gas turbine power generating sets rated at 22.5 MW are the base of PGU-60 which is running at Saki CHP. GTA-25 is driven by an advanced highly-reliable PS-90GP-25 gas turbine engine. GTA-25 sets can be operated as stand-alone units or as a part of power generating plant thus providing grid-parallel operation.
PGU-60 advantages:
  • integration  into existing heat network;
  • short construction and commissioning terms - 15-18 months for the simple cycle, up to 32 months for the combined cycle.
  • high extraction factor during heating season.
PGU-60 is the only one of its kind in Russia. GTA-25 set meets the requirements of the world market in 25 MW power range in terms of efficiency (37.5%) and fuel calorific value utilization (86.8%).
UEC supplied four GTA-25 gas turbine power generating sets for the combined cycle application at Saki CHP (Saki Heating Network) in Crimea in 2018. The equipment has been successfully operated as a part of CHP including two combined-cycle power plants of 60 MW each. 
Application of gas turbine power generating sets incorporated into the CCPP allows for the significant increase of fuel utilization efficiency with power uprating.