UEC-Gas Turbines, JSC was awarded the contract on supply of GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets for EVROTEK (part of NOVATEK group). According to the contract the scope of GPA-4RMP supply will include a reciprocating compressor and balance of plant equipment, such as, separators, air cooled gas cooler, valving and buffer vessels.
The equipment will arrive to the site in January 2020.
GPA-4RMP is a combined gas compressor set with a gas turbine engine used as a drive of a reciprocating compressor. This unit was designed for sites where operation with wide pressure range is required for high compression ratio including underground gas storage facilities in salt caverns.
GPA-4RMP advantages are as follows:
a) capability of operation with high efficiency in wide range of pressure ratios; 
b) easy capacity control; 
c) no complicated antisurge systems.
A gas turbine engine is used as a drive for GPA-4RMP providing the entire operating range of the unit considering the input power of the reciprocating compressor (from 1 to 4 MW) in different gas withdrawal/injection operating modes. For reference, usually it is not recommended to run a gas piston engine with less than 50% load for a long period, otherwise the engine will fail. Furthermore, a gas turbine with similar rated power has far less overall dimensions, weight and lower vibration in comparison with a piston engine; as a result a customer can save money on foundations and civil works.
So, a customer would benefit from combination of advantages of a reciprocating compressor and gas turbine in GPA-4RMP unit. This is a unique equipment for Russia. UEC-GT succeeded to handle the design challenges, i.e. to combine fundamentally different sets in one unit. UEC-GT has already supplied nine GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets for GAZPROM. 
The unit will be supplied to the Syskonsyninskoye gas filed located in Tumen region, the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomus Area, 40 km from Igrim settlement.