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Ten years ago, on the 11th of November 2006 UEC – Gas Turbines, JSC was founded as the United Engines Corporation (UEC) leading company for manufacturing of power generating and gas compressor sets. UEC – GT not only supplies high-tech equipment for Gazprom strategic projects, but also rapidly develops cooperation with oil companies, industrial enterprises and municipal organizations.
   UEC – GT, JSC (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region) is an EPC-contractor of the highly efficient power generating equipment for Gazprom, power generating companies, public utilities of big and small cities, oil and gas companies (design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of gas turbine units, turn-key construction of power plants, aftersales support of power generating facilities), manufacturing of equipment for nuclear and chemical industry. 
“Today we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of UEC – Gas Turbines founded on the base of legendary Volzhskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod (VMZ) – notes Alexander Artyukhov, General Director of the United Engine Corporation. - Having risen from the subsidiary company to the general packager of the UEC Energy and Industry Programs division, step by step manufacturing new products, creating new workshops, extremely strong design bureau  
and modern production lines, UEC – Gas Turbines personnel has been continuously gaining leading positions at the market”. 
Within 10 years, UEC – Gas Turbines manufactured 320 units with total capacity more than 3 gigawatt. During these years, the production output increased by more than five times. 
“Ten years ago the starting set of the manufacturing equipment included only four types of power generating and gas compressor sets – tells Oleg Rusnak, UEC Deputy General Director – UEC – GT Managing Director. – Such was the background of the company when it came into one of the most severe and competitive Russian markets. Only afterwards GTES-2.5 gas turbine power plant (GTPP) would be included in the 100 Best Russian Products, and GTA-6RM would become the largest quantity product manufactured by the company (75 units). Then, in 2006 there were only plans and challenging targets”.
Three years later, UEC – Gas Turbines mastered the production of GPA-16 gas compressor sets (GCS) rated at 16 MW by order of Gazprom, strategic partner of UEC – Gas Turbines. Currently UEC – GT manufactures three modifications including these of indoor and outdoor design. In 2010 the company was defined as the only general packager for GCS and GTPP based on gas turbine engines manufactured by the UEC's incorporated companies. The first GPA-6.3/8RM was manufactured the same year. In 2011 the company completed manufacturing of power generating sets rated at 1 to 4 MW based on gas reciprocating drives. GPA-Ts-25 gas compressor set was launched into serial production at the same time. 
UEC – Gas Turbines takes part in construction of all Gazprom large gas pipelines, i.e. North Stream, Turkish Stream, Power of Siberia. UEC – GT manufactured equipment is used at Gazprom key projects as stand-alone power plants, main gas transportation and underground gas storage infrastructure. 
“It is hard to overestimate the importance of Gazprom to UEC – Gas Turbines – admits Oleg Rusnak. – The significant part of new equipment has been designed and manufactured by order of the company’s strategic partner. In 2014 our company presented new GPA-16U unit which would allow Gazprom to intensify efforts to apply unified solutions for construction and reconstruction of compressor stations. The following year the first two units were put into operation at CS Nyuksenitsa. Currently, UEC – Gas Turbines executes GPA-16U purchase order for the largest compressor station Zapolyarnaya”. 
The company also furthers cooperation with oil companies, offering power stations able to process associated petroleum gas. Igolsko-Talovoye, Dvurechenskoye, Tailakovskoye, Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye, Kamennoye, Novyi Port and many other fields receive energy thanks to Rybinsk power generating sets rated at 2 to 16 MW.
UEC – GT diversifies the product range offering its equipment to industrial enterprises and municipal organizations. GTPP with a total aggregate rated power of 30 MW are effectively operating in Naryan-Mar after commissioning the station second phase. UEC – GT power generating sets are also supplied to power generating facilities in Zelenograd, Dorogobuzh, Peredelkino, Omsk. 
This year UEC – Gas Turbines has manufactured five GTES-2.5 for the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field, seven power generating plants rated at 2.5 MW for the Chayandinskoye field and four GPA-25 gas compressor sets for the latter field, GTA-6RM unit for Kazanskoye field, six GPA-16U unified units for Zapolyarnaya compressor station.
While ramping up manufacturing, UEC – GT also implements intense technical modernization. Blanks production now includes advanced drilling and thermal cutting equipment lines, laser cutting machines, blasting machines, new painting workshop, storage and shipment area. Labour efficiency has increased by several times. 
“The company is becoming more mobile, manufacturing departments are being reorganized, cost-saving policy is being strengthened, claims activities involving suppliers of the equipment are being increased, – says Oleg Rusnak. – Everything is for the sake of increasing and reasonable spending of the company assets. New approaches to personnel development have been found – the first internal professional skills competition; UEC – Gas Turbines hosted the participants of the UEC second corporate championship in accordance with WorldSkills standards. Within ten years UEC – Gas Turbines created one of the strongest social assistance programmes in regional industry, professional development and training programme”.


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