Mission: Based on best practices of effective conversion of natural resources into energy and using professionalism and talents of our employees we manufacture state-of-the-art reliable equipment for sustainable development and improvement of social opportunities and life quality.


The strategy implies further development and establishing a company in full compliance with global quality standards, carrying out design and making supplies, including aftersales, of gas compressor sets and power generating plants to oil and gas sector and distributed power generation, achieving RF and CIS gas turbine equipment market share of at least 20% in 2020.


It is planned to achieve this goal by the strategic orientation to:

  •  production diversification, implementation of new products and new aftersales services
  •  aftersales services range extension
  •  further vertical and horizontal integration
  •  taking an advantage of being a part of the United Engine Corporation and Oboronprom
  •  gaining in sales by forcing competitors out of the market, promotion of sales and marketing
  •  establishing strategic alliances with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers
  •  entry into a foreign market in the most promising regions (near-abroad countries, Central Asia, Middle East)